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About Pastor Eleanor Atkinson Priester


Pastor Eleanor Atkinson Priester is the Pastor of In The Beauty of Holiness Ministries, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in August 2021. Birthed out of Unity, The Way of Holiness Christian Church in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 1989 by her mother and mentor the Late Overseer Florance Rodgers McKoy.

Pastor Priester was born in New York, NY and raised in Charlotte, N.C. At the tender age of 7 she received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life and filled with the Holy Spirit. Raised in a God-fearing home where her mother/pastor kept her anchored and Jesus Christ at the forefront of daily living. She is the wife of (Minister of Music Joseph N. Priester), mother of 4, and they have 5 grandchildren.

Pastor Priester was called into ministry at the age of 21. She has served in various capacities of leadership through the years. Praise team leader, Lead singer on the choir, Youth Pastor, Children’s/Youth Choir Directress, Young Adult Choir Directress, Associate Minister, Assistant Pastor to her brother the Late Elbert L. Atkinson, Jr., and Pastor. She also was Director of the Church’s Child Development Center for 13 years.

She graduated from West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC and graduated from Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, N.C. with a Bachelor’s of the Arts Degree in Education/Minor Theology. Pastor Priester is dedicated to the building of God’s kingdom and living by ensample. To let everyone know that Jesus Saves. Encouraging everyone she meets to live up to their fullest potential and to live a Holy life that represents Jesus Christ in character, word, and deed. To let her light shine in the beauty of holiness.

Pastor Priester along with her sister (Minister April Hunt), their husbands (Minister Joseph Priester & Minister Maurice Hunt), her children, grand children, and the entire church family are committed to continuing her mother’s Legacy. One of soul winning, love, Holiness, empowerment, entrepreneurship, Christian education for our children, and the building of God’s Kingdom. Overseer’s Legacy will forever be embedded in the hearts and minds of all who knew her, loved her and the many lives she has touched.

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